Monday, March 2, 2009

"Brought to Life" Project Brought to Life!

There are so many arresting wonders to be found on the Science Museum of London's newly launched (as of today!) web exhibit "Brought to Life: Exploring the History of Medicine" that I hardly know where to begin (and don't want to tear myself away for too long to write this post.) Suffice it to say, this easy-to-navigate, attractive, crammed-with-amazing-images website could easily occupy you for hours, if not weeks. Each of the 2,500 objects is interpreted with thorough-yet-concise text entries, and a handy feature suggests like-spirited images. You can peruse by material or technology, chronology, people, or theme or use the search function if you are seeking a particular kind of object.

Above are just a very few of my hasty-first-perusal favorites. Many more to come (I have just barely begun to explore), but I HIGHLY suggest you visit the website yourself and do some perusing of your own! But maybe not if you have anything else you need to accomplish today....

Click here to visit the "Brought to Life" website. Click here (1, 2) for recent posts on the same topic. For more on the fascinating Henry Wellcome and his collection (which is featured in "Brought to Life"), see this recent post.

All images © The Science Museum; Click on images to see larger versions.

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