Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vesalius Trust Art and Anatomy Tour, Italy; October 27 to November 8th 2009

Marie Dauenheimer, who will be giving a presentation on Italian Wax Anatomical Models at Observatory next Friday, is also leading a fantastic sounding tour of anatomical museums in Italy for the Vesalius Trust this autumn.

The tour, which will run from October 27 to November 8th, will feature private, guided visits to anatomical museums and anatomical theatres throughout Italy. Sites to be visited include “La Specola” (see above images) and the Museo di Anatomia Patologica in Florence, the anatomical wax museum "Museo delle Cere Anatomiche" and the Teatro Anatomico (Anatomical Theater) in Bologna, and the Teatro Anatomico housed in Palazzo Bo in Padua. Also included will be a walking tour of Venice focusing on the significance of this city during the life and career of Andreas Vesalius, viewings of art and architecture masterworks and guided historical walking tours in each city visited, and, throughout, the company of like-minded art-anatomophiles.

If you have been wanting to visit some of these museums but have not yet had a chance, I can think of no better way than this tour, led by experienced (she has given similar tours in Paris, The Netherlands, and Great Britain), enthusiastic, and incredibly knowledgeable Marie, and in the company of like-minded individuals. If I could afford it (and I'm still trying to figure out how and if I might be able to do so...), I'd be there in a second!

You can find out more about the trip itinerary and registration information by clicking here. For more on Marie's upcoming lecture at Observatory, which will discuss the "La Specola" wax anatomical models at length, click here. For more on the Vesalius Trust, click here.

All Images: Anatomical Waxes at “La Specola” (Museo di Storia Naturale) : Florence, Italy; From Anatomical Theatre.

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