Sunday, April 26, 2009

Images from the History of Medicine on Bibliodyssey

Here are some highlights from a recent Bibliodyssey post entitled "Images from the History of Medicine;" you can view the full post (with many more images) by clicking here. All images drawn from the National Library of Medicine's image database, which you can visit by clicking here.

Images, top to bottom: 1. Signs of Character, Drawn and Published by R. Degranza Pease M.D. 1843. Phrenology poster which shows a profile with labeled sections in an elaborate border. 2. The Anatomist by Leonard Baskin (20th cent.), Half-length figure of a man holding a model of a skeleton; partial anatomical chart to the right. 3. The Human Body and the Library as Sources of Knowledge, Fronispiece in 'Tabulae Anatomicae' by Johann Adam Kulmus (early 18th cent.) Interior view of a library with allegorical figures; a body rests on a dissections table in center; a skeleton stands in an alcove to the right; surgical instruments are arranged on a pedestal in the foreground; bookshelves fill the background.

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