Thursday, June 18, 2009

Musée Dupuytren, Paris, France

On my last trip to Paris, I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with my camera at the fabulous and astounding Musée Dupuytren. Founded in 1835, the museum--which I featured in this recent post--features hundreds of human and zoological teratological waxes and specimens adorned with ancient labels and crammed into glass cases in a small, fluorescent-lit room.

You can see my full photoset of 130 images--from which the above are drawn--by clicking here; I shot the video some years ago on an earlier visit. You can find out more about the museum by clicking here. You can find out yet more about it on the wonderful Atlas Obscura website by clicking here.


Holly said...

I have been to Paris many (beaucoup!) times. Why have I never stopped here! Thanks for the photos. Looks like a fascinating collection.


Caryn F. said...

That's some weird stuff you've got there!
I'm going to add the museum to the list of places I need to visit if I ever win the lottery!

Meg Rayner said...

I'm horrified but fascinated and can't look away....
Awesome blog!