Saturday, June 6, 2009

Recent Flickr Uploads of The National Museum of Health & Medicine

Above are just a few treasures recently uploaded to the National Museum of Health & Medicine's unofficial Flickr page; click here to see full collection. For more, click here to visit the museum's unofficial (and delightfully named) blog "A Repository of Bottled Monsters."

Images, top to bottom: Sgt Cortiza at work shop, 06/23/1950, Sgt. Cortiza making wax models from live one. Activities, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Sgt Cortiza at work shop, 06/23/1950; Artificial eye in mold. Museum and Medical Arts Services, 2nd Medical Detachment [Army Medical Museum]; Double thumb on both hands of little girl. Miss Allen’s wax model, Army Medical Museum; World War 1 era, Construction and repair of model training aids. Activities, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology; Skeleton. Fetal rickets.

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Anonymous said...

All this Morbid Anatomy has given me an appetite.

For cereal.

I don't know why... but it has.

"Chris is Starving!"