Saturday, July 18, 2009

Seeking Collectors in London and Environs

I will be leaving for London on Friday, mainly in order to attend the premiere of "Exquisite Bodies: or the Curious and Grotesque History of the Anatomical Model" at the wonderful Wellcome Collection (more on that here) but also to continue my ongoing photo series "Private Cabinets", which seeks to document extraordinary collections assembled by private collectors (more on that here).

While in the UK, I have scheduled to photograph a few more of these private collections and am on the lookout for more. If anyone has any leads as to private collection that might be of interest, or has a collection of their own they would like to share, please email me at All suggestions appreciated! Also appreciated would be advice from Morbid Anatomy readers as to to museums, old collections, naturalia-themed shops, or any other must-see places in and around London.

To find out more about the ongoing "Private Cabinet" series, click here. All photos you see above are from that series; you can see more (and find out more about the collections featured above) by clicking here.

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