Thursday, August 13, 2009

Girl Born with Two Heads, 1649?, Biblioteca Francisco de Burgoa, Mexico

A special thanks to Morbid Anatomy reader Katherine Lewis for sending in the wonderful photo you see above. She explains:
I thought you would be interested in seeing this item I came across while on vacation last week. Attached is a picture of a manuscript about a girl born with two heads. It is kept in the Biblioteca Francisco de Burgoa in the ex-monastery of Santo Domingo in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. I'm guessing from the roman numerals on the bottom right of the left-hand page that it is from 1649. Unfortunately, it was storming, and the light was too low for me to be able to capture the script any better. The library is very beautiful, I recommend visiting if you are ever in southern Mexico.
You can visit the website for the Biblioteca Francisco de Burgoa by clicking here. You can see some of Katherine's work by clicking here. Click on top image to see larger version.

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David G. said...

What an interesting picture!

Seeing this makes me realize what gems can be hidden in our librairies...