Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My friend Kelli just alerted me to a new, great, and somewhat misleadingly named website: Ostensibly a collection of crappy taxidermy, the website is much more than that and far better and broader than the name suggests; it is in fact a kind of visual collection of the many ways in which mankind's unending pleasure in preserving, depicting, and re-creating animals including taxidermy (crappy and otherwise), models, museum dioramas, and creative taxidermy is expressed. Endless fun to peruse, though--sadly--and my only complaint--no credits to find out photographer or artifact information.

Click here to visit

Thanks so much, Kelli, for sending this along.


reverend dick said...

Nothing crappy about that. Creepy maybe, but pure awesomeness.


Anonymous said...

The Scottish squirrel is beyond the pale. Daft.

Sandrágoras said...

Those are the best examples of the worst fate of one's body after death. Poor creatures, so sad destiny!