Friday, August 28, 2009

June Glasson, Ink on Paper, 21 C

I just stumbled upon the rather wonderful artwork of contemporary artist June Glasson. You can view her "Foulest of Shapes" series--all ink-on-paper drawings--by clicking here; The above images are all drawn from that series.

Found via the ever-revelatory Wurzeltod Tumblr; Click here to see more.


Suzanne said...

Awww.. thanks for the linkage, my dear!

Her work is marvellous, isn't it? And it's incredible to see in how many artistic genres she's comfortable in. I discovered her at the BP Portrait award were Brittani was on show and simply had to follow her up.

"The Foulest of Shapes" has such a Goyaesque feel to it - it really makes me shiver!

In other news, I finally got to see the Exquisite Bodies show and it was so great to read your name at the end of the exhibit. Well done you! Please let me know when you're in Londinium next so we can go curiosities hunting! :)

JE said...

Hi Suzanne! Thanks for your always wonderful collection of images!

And yes, that whole series is wonderful. Mysterious, suggestive, dark. Fantastic!

Glad you saw Exquisite Bodies. Hope you enjoyed it? And yes, will let you know when I am back in your lovely London. Would love to see your favorite sites.