Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Paris Catacombs 'Dense in Death'," Video, National Geographic

National Geographic just posted a short video about the amazing Paris Catacombs (as seen above) to their website. Entitled "Paris Catacombs 'Dense in Death,'" the video is esentially a narrated walk-through of this incredible site; a few too many tourists for my taste--just like in real life!--but a nice virtual visit nevertheless.

Click here to watch the video; the image (which I urge you to click on for a larger view) is sourced from Atlas Obscura's entry on the Catacombs, which you can visit by clicking here .


Arthur Bruso said...

I visited the Paris catacombs on October 31, 2007. It was amazing despite the disrespectful groups of students. It is very eerie and moody. It gets you close to mortality and you begin to wonder is this it , am I just a pile of bones, or is there something more? I believe I even saw a ghost.

Anonymous said...

The catacombs in Paris are fantastic...shame they check your bags for skulls on the way out.