Friday, October 2, 2009

In Paris, Sans Internet

I am presently in Paris, where internet connections are scarce, so please forgive the gap in posting. More to come soon, I promise!

Image from Musée Dupuytren; more images of that museum (from my last trip to Paris) here, and more about the museum here. And more soon to come. I promise!


monster garden said...

I'm surprised to hear that internet connections are so scarce in such a large and prominent city. However when I was there, it was a few years before the world wide web, so it was pretty nil then.

Unknown said...

i live in Paris with internet ! you can find free wireless access points in public gardens, hotels, coffee shops, and so on ...perheaps you were in Paris ( Texas ) ? because next to Dupuytren, in the "quartier latin" , pubs have free access points

JE said...

Ok, perhaps better said that I was in Paris with no internet connection at home, and too busy running around by day to lug my computer somewhere else to blog! You are correct, there were many internet connection in France... just not in the apartment where I was a guest.