Monday, November 16, 2009

Totentanz, Niklaus Manuel, 16th-17th C

Totentantz {German for "Dance of Death" or Danse Macabre} is the common title of a fresco by Niklaus Manuel Deutsch made in the Berner Dominikanerkloster, which the artist began in 1516/17. The sequence of images (80 meters and 24 scenes) was destroyed in 1660.What remains is a copy (1649) by Albrecht Kauw (1621-1681).
Via Jahsonic. More on the Dance of Death/Danse Macabre phenomenon can be found at this recent post.


Owen said...

The original work must have been incredible, what a shame it was lost. This reminds me of a stained glass window in a church in Switzerland which I did a post about a while back :

Sara F.E. said...

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Anonymous said...

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