Tuesday, December 8, 2009

National Library of Medicine's History of Medicine Syllabus Archive

I just discovered that in addition to their wonderful web exhibitions and online image collection, the National Library of Medicine also has an online archive of history of medicine syllabi, which it touts as "the world's largest." The collection can be browsed by professor, title, institution, or subject and looks, after a quick perusal, to be pretty rich. A great resource for anyone--like myself--interested in teaching themselves more about the history of medicine without going to grad school.

Click here to explore the syllabi collection for yourself. Found via Somatosphere.

Image: "The human body and the library as sources of knowledge", frontispiece of Tabulae Anatomicae, Early 18th cent., Johann Adam Kulmus; found via the National Library of Medicine's "Images from the History of Medicine;" Larger version found on Bibliodyssey's Flickr set.

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