Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Beloved Krampus Makes the Colbert Report!

Ok. As many of you know, I have long been a fan of Krampus, St. Nicholas' Eastern European, birch-switch-beating, lolling tongued, cloven-hooved, child-punishing side kick (more about him here). I learned of him and his mischevious, intriguing ways while living in Budapest, where Krampus continues to be a beloved part--and to my mind, the highlight of!--the Christmas season, joining St. Nicholas for all his public appearances, even at the local Burger King!

The saddest part about loving Krampus is the lack of any real recognition he earns this side of the Balkans. Well, this cultural injustice just been righted by, of all things, the Colbert Report! I kid you not. Its about time America caught up on what they're missing!

Check out Krampus on the Colbert Report by clicking here.

If this piques your interest, stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about the Observatory Krampus-themed Holiday party that will take place following Mark Dery's lecture on December 19th! If you'd like to learn more about the illustrious and mighty Krampus, a great source is the wonderful book The Devil in Design: The Krampus Postcards.

Click on image to see much larger version; image found here.


Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

I saw that last night. I was so excited!!!!

Fumi.S said...

Hi, JE

Long time no see.
This is Fumi from Tokyo.

I like the Krampusschokolade by Demel. He is about 4 inches tall, fastens a belt and there's a "D" logo on the buckle. It's so good looking!