Saturday, December 19, 2009

Special Alert: Tonight's Mark Dery Lecture Cancelled Due to Snow, Holiday Party to Take Its Place!

Apologies for the late notice, but it could not be helped!

This evening's scheduled lecturer Mark Dery--who was to be delivering a leture entitled "Satan and Santa: Separated at Birth?," as detailed in this recent post--will be unable to make it down to New York tonight, due to the predicted super-blizzard of '09. He is very very sorry to miss his panned lecture, but, please, stay tuned; the lecture will be re-planned for the post-holiday season in early January. More to come on that.

As a consolation prize, however, we offer you this: The Observatory Krampus-Themed Holiday Party, inspired by our favorite Christmas character, Krampus, St. Nicholas' mischievous/evil Eastern-European sidekick (as seen above)! We had planned to begin the party at the end of Dery's lecture, but will now begin at 8:00 PM, to amuse the disgruntled masses who did not recieve this cancellation alert. The party is free of charge, and will feature live-music (Krampus-Carols!) by Ruprecht and the Birch Switches, holiday gifts, birch-switch-beatings, treats, rusty chains, lolling tongues, and, of course, booze.

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Image: Vintage Postcard of Krampus, the Anti-Claus. Reproduced under Fair Use provision of copyright law.

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