Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome, Jim Edmonson and Dittrick Museum, to the Blogosphere!

Friend, friend-of-Morbid-Anatomy, and co-author of the award winning book Dissection James Edmonson has recently brought his museum--the Dittrick Museum of Medical History--into the blogosphere, and in grand style. In the blog's less than 1 month existence, Jim has already managed to produce a number of interesting posts brimming with intelligence, infectious enthusiasm, and lovely images. Welcome to the blogosphere, Jim and crew! Nice to have you here.

You can check out Dittrick Museum blog by clicking here. You can visit the Dittrick Museum website by clicking here its Facebook fan by clicking here.

The top image is, I believe, a plate from master midwife Madame du Coudray’s Abrégé de l'art des accouchements [Summary of the art of childbirth] (1769). Bottom image is of an amazing late 18th century obstetric manikin recently acquired by the Dittrick. Both images are from the Dittrick blog's latest post entitled "Rare 18th century obstetric manikin comes to the Dittrick," which you can read in its entirety by clicking here.


Unknown said...

Very interesting blog, and the book looks like a must-read for me, even without Mary Roach's comments! :)

Asheville Public Art said...

Excellent. Thanks!
I didn't know of dissection histories outside of Lassek's Human Dissection its Drama and Struggle (1958).