Monday, July 5, 2010

Morbid Anatomy Slideshow on American Medical News Website

The space where medicine and art intersects is often … well, weird. And fascinating. That realization is explored in the Morbid Anatomy Blog, written by Joanna Ebenstein, a graphic designer and photographer in Brooklyn, N.Y. One goal, Ebenstein says, is “to bring the art and history of medical museums to the awareness of a wider audience and to frame their artifacts as artistic and cultural objects with as much to say about their makers and the culture their makers inhabited as about medical knowledge...”
The American Medical News--a national trade publication for physicians published by the American Medical Association--just launched a nice little Morbid Anatomy slideshow on their website. If you are interested in seeing a nicely curated selection of images from the greater Morbid Anatomy project, and/or in learning a bit more about the stories behind these artifacts and spaces, I highly recommend you check it out!

You can access the slideshow by clicking here.


Author said...

Congrats for this.

BlueTerracotta said...

Congrats! Morbid Anatomy is great; it's the only blog I read systematically.