Friday, September 24, 2010

Beautiful Irish Medical Photographs, The Burns Archive, 1870s

The photographs above, dating from the 1870s, picture patients who were operated upon by 19th Century surgeon Edward Stamer O’Grady; these photos, all drawn from the incredible Burns Archive, were featured--paired with their original case histories!--in the most recent issue of Scope Medicine in Focus.

Full story can be found here; you can see a PDF of the article--with additional images--by clicking here.

All images ©2010 The Burns Archive; From top to bottom:
  1. Patient of Edward Stamer O'Grady
  2. A 50-Year-Old Laborer "MM," Admitted Feb 17, 187
  3. Once the 27 Ounce Tumor Was Removed, the Patient "Went Home Quite Well."

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