Sunday, November 7, 2010

33 Plates of Morbid Anatomy Elucidating Dr. Bright's Works, 1829, The British Museum

33 Plates of Morbid anatomy Ellucidating Dr. Bright's Works
Published in London, 1829
British XVIIIc Mounted Atlas
Paper; stipple ; mezzotint; hand-coloured
Published by Longman; Prints made by William Say

Inscriptions: Lettered within image with letters for identification, and: "Plate/ Drawn by F.R.Say/ Engraved by W.Say/ London Published July 1. 1829, by Longman, Rees, Orme & Brown." Stamped with Say's blind stamp.
Found on the British Museum website; to find out more--and see more images!--click here.


tracy said...

Very interesting...i really liked this. Thank you!

It kind of looked like, in one of the images, "You brain has a rabbit." Please don't analyze me! ;)

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous work, especially the first plate. Thanks.