Friday, August 5, 2011

Curious, Anatomical, Obscure or Delicious Korea: Seeking Suggestions

Dear Morbid Anatomy readers:

In just a few days, I am off to live for one month (!!!) in Seoul, South Korea as part of the fantastic Apex Art Outbound Residency Program. For those of you who are interested, I will be documenting my Korean adventures on a special blog for Apex Art; you can check that out by clicking here. I arrive in Seoul on September 16th, so blog entries should begin soon after.

But I have a more pressing question for you, dear readers: do any of you out there have any suggestions for suggested Korean sights, sounds, and tastes? Of particular interest, of course, are museums and collections--especially old natural history or anatomical/medical--but any suggestions, from foods to markets to restaurants to shops to national parks to amusement parks to folk art to fine art to curiosities of any kind, would be very much appreciated!

Suggestions will be gratefully received at morbidanatomy [at] Thank you very very much in advance!

Image: House Swallow from the Ehwa Womans University Natural History Museum, Korea.

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