Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Die Mysteriosen Catakomben, Poster, Late 19th Century?

I don't know the story on this, but I absolutely love it. Found here.


tosommerfugle said...

A quick Google image search found the image under this heading:
French Circus and Sideshow Posters – 1885-1925

It can also be found on an interesting blog named "Morbid Anatomy", in this post:
Fantastic and Curious European Circus Ephemera on the Web

JE said...

Ha! I had a sneaking suspicion I had posted that elsewhere. My own unpredictable keywords made it impossible to find in my archive. Thanks!

tosommerfugle said...

Google image search can be a really great tool (and somewhat addictive). I've installed the Chrome browser with an extension allowing me to launch a search from a right-click menu on an image. Very quick and easy!