Monday, January 2, 2012


Not sure where what the provenance is for this animated gif, but I kind of love it. Click on image to see larger version.

Via The Neo Shaman Tumblr.


Preemie Maboroshi said...

That's a really lovely style. It kind of reminds me of Maya Deren's "The Very Eye of Night."

But... it also kind of makes me imagine a Village People version of "Danse Macabre." Which I'm pretty sure I would love.

Juan Santapau said...

Tumblr user insatisfactionisthekey adds in the comments (in spanish) 'From the opening titles of Danse Macabre, a 1922 silent film directed by Dudley Murphy, which in turn is inspired by the legendary cover of the 1862 print edition of La Grande danse macabre des hommes et des femmes.