Saturday, January 14, 2012

Philippe Verheyen Dissecting His Amputated Limb, ca. 1715

Philippe Verheyen (1648-1711) Dissecting His Amputated Limb

By an anonymous artist, ca. 1715. Postmortem painting in honor of a famous Dutch anatomist and surgeon.

Medium: Oil on Panel. Size: 16.3”X16.5”

From the collection of Pieter Deheijde.
Image and text via 100% Spleen.


Anonymous said...

It is not really an oil painting, it is a photo collage from the Rembrant anatomy picture, it was created as part of an art project which you can read about here....

Paul Rumsey

Anonymous said...

Dear, this "painting" is clearly a fake, a Photoshop composition.
Have a look at Rembrandt painting "The anatomy lesson of doctor Tulp": you'll find there the hand and face of Verheyven.
It's clearly a copy/paste work...
The leg, also, looks absolutely juxtaposed, not resting on the tabletop in a natural way.The leg's shadow too, is totally "digital".
The rest of the figure and the room are taken from "Man writing by an easel" by the baroque dutch painter Gerrit Dou.
Love your blog!
Valerio from Milan

Anonymous said...
source for this pic

Alexis Kinloch said...

Actually, it looks as though the left hand is the same as Tulp's left hand as well.

Unknown said...

Incroyable tableau, mairgance, paris

JE said...

Ah, yes. I was duped! Thanks for the heads up, everyone!