Thursday, March 22, 2012

Madonna Dolorosa, Mater Dolorosa, or Lady of Sorrows: Naples, Italy

More from Italy, as I sort through my thousands of photographs: I don't know much about the top piece, but I am guessing it is a 18th or early 19th century Madonna Dolorosa, Mater Dolorosa, or Lady of Sorrows, a popular motif in Naples; we spotted it at one of the many antiques shops we popped into on our trip. The bottom image is my own Madonna Dolorosa, made by the workshop of Giuseppe and Marco Ferrigno, a studio which continues to create--by hand!--fine Baroque-style crèches and terracotta figures of the sort for which Naples is still, rightrully, renowned.

Click on images to see much larger, finer images.

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