Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Phantom Creep Theatre: Lon Chaney Shall Not Die," Tonight at The Coney Island Museum

At the Coney Island Museum in Brooklyn, the Phantom Creep Theater pays tribute to classic horror with its version of the spook show, a macabre entertainment popular in the early 20th century that weds Grand Guignol tradition with modern sideshow showmanship. Hosted by M.C.’s in the vein of late-night television horror hosts like Ghoulardi and Dr. Creep, the shows feature B movies, live music, old-hat magic and a total blackout in which a monster or phantom tears through the theater.
--"No Rest for the Wicked, Undead or Ghoulish," New York Times.
July 12, 2012
Tonight, at the Coney Island Museum, I hope to see you for "Phantom Creep Theatre: Lon Chaney Shall Not Die!",  an ode to the 1950s spook show organized in part by friend and Midnight Archive creator Ronni Thomas. The night's series of performances, screenings and hijinx will be dedicated to the memory and work of Lon Chaney Sr., patron saint of classic horror, and will feature a live theatrical recreation of the lost 1929 film "Thunder,"which included "insidious carnies, murderous dwarves, [and] ravenous gorillas on the loose" and reputedly killed "the man of a 1,000 faces." In fine spook show tradition, there will also be an attempt to make contact with the ghost of Mr. Chaney, a chance to meet the "Hypno Corpse," varied film screenings, live music, and many thrills and screams, all for only 10 dollars.

Full details follow; hope very much to see you there!
PHANTOM CREEP THEATRE: Lon Chaney Shall Not Die!
Location: The Coney Island Museum
Date: TONIGHT Saturday, July 21
Time: Doors 8:00, Event 8:30 PM
Admission: $10
Free Popcorn!
Set your faces to stun for THE UNHOLY THREE (1930), screened from a 16mm film print! This film includes insidious carnies, murderous dwarves, ravenous gorillas on the loose, Lon Chaney, Sr.'s only speaking role, and much, much more!
Experience a one time live theatrical recreation of the (lost) film that killed Lon Chaney, Sr.... THUNDER! No one has seen this gut wrenching, edge of your seat, golden era rail road drama, in over 80 years!! You can't see it anywhere, but the Phantom Creep Theatre stage!

These presentations and more are part of an entire evening celebrating the man of a 1,000 faces, the man who ceased to exist between pictures, the broken hearted clown who was born on April Fool's Day - Lon Chaney, Sr.!

Will you bear witness to COUNT MOLOCH and EK, as they attempt to make contact with the ghost of Lon Chaney, Sr., live on the Coney Island Museum stage?!?!

Entities known, and unknown, may leave the stage and roam the room in the dark. Will you be ripped from your seat, or frozen with fear to it?

"That's all there is to life: A little laugh, a little tear." - Lon Chaney, Sr.

Plus, the HYPNO CORPSE will shock and amaze you!

LIVE performances, FILM (not digital!) projections, LIVE music! ...ONLY ten bones?! YES! 
The team that ran the original Silver Scream Spook Show at Coney Island, reunite for the first time ever on the stage that started it all! NYC's 8mm Movie Matinee, along with Atlanta GA's Silver Scream Spook Show, and the internet's own Midnight Archive web series, are throwing a gala summer-long series!

A spook show collaboration of colossal proportions in Coney Island! Ghosts materialize before your eyes! Monsters summoned from beyond! Strange creatures reach out at you through the darkness!

Including, but not limited to:

Golden era monster movies presented from 16mm film prints!

Live morbid magicians conjuring spirits that may run out into the audience to shake and shock you to your very core!

Each month is a DIFFERENT theme with NEW films, NEW gags, and NEW live hijinks! Collect ALL the memories and experiences!
You can find out more, and get tickets, by clicking here; tickets can also be purchased at the door. You can read the entire New York Times article about the event by clicking here.

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Oh! This looks like such fun. I bet people had a great time. I wish I lived closer... :)