Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Actress Emma Stone Loves The Morbid Anatomy Library: "Vogue UK" and the "Herald Scotland," 2012

... How does [starlett Emma Stone's] obsession with mortality and death manifest itself? "By going to places like the Morbid Anatomy Library [in Brooklyn, New York] the other day, looking at little foetal pigs in jars. I have an interest in death. Obviously not constantly, but on a daily basis.
"There's an awareness of mortality, I think, that makes you live much more presently. There's something oddly comforting about death. Not dying. Dying, I'm terrified of, but death -" She pauses. "Sorry, am I getting really serious? Come on, we're in Cancun!"
-- "Emma Stone gets caught in Spider-Man's web," Herald Scotland, June 2012 (full article here)
A few months back, the Morbid Anatomy Library was graced with a visit by lovely, young and--apparently--morbidly inclined starlett Emma Stone, star of Easy A, Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Help and, most recently, The Amazing Spiderman. She was trailed on this wine-soaked visit by reporter Alexa Chung of Vogue UK, and we spent a lovely rainy hour or two paging through some of my favorite books, poking around the taxidermy collection, and discussing our shared love for the macabre. The trip resulted not only in the expected article for Vogue UK--entitled "The Crazy Cool of Emma Stone," in the August 2012 issue--but also the piece from the Herlad Scotland quoted above.

You can read the entire Vogue UK article--in which you will  learn more about Stone's favorite books and artifacts in the collection, among other things--by clicking here, and the entire Herald Scotland piece by clicking here. Thanks so much to Jo Hanks for stumbling across the article, and for the donation of her very own issue of Vogue UK to this worthy cause! And thanks to good friend Eric Huang for alerting me.

Also, please feel free to come visit the library and see the collection for yourself during our next set of open hours this Saturday, September 15th, from 1-6. Details and directions here.

Photos of The Library by Shannon Taggart

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