Monday, October 29, 2012

"Morbid Anatomy Anthology" is Kickstarter Staff Pick!

Maybe all this promising of offerings to the saints to protect Morbid Anatomy Library from Hurricane Sandy has paid off, though in entirely unpredictable ways? I just found out that our campaign to raise funds for The Morbid Anatomy Anthology Volume 1--a lavish, illustrated book which will immortalize in print some of the best of the Morbid Anatomy Presents-- got chosen as a staff pick on Kickstarter!

If you have not already given it a look, you can check it out here; you can also learn more about the project by watching the video above, made by the über-talented Ronni Thomas, creator of The Midnight Archive.

More on the book below:
The Morbid Anatomy Anthology will cover such topics as anthropodermic bibliopegy (ie. books bound in human skin), 19th Century "Diableries", Henry Wellcome's collections of preserved human tattoos, 19th century death-themed Parisian cabarets, extreme taxidermy, popular wax anatomical models, "collecting death," the uncanny allure of the Anatomical Venus, Santa Muerte and Death in MexicoL'Inconnue de la Seine, "artist of death" Frederik Ruysch, macabre collections, "human zoos," and much, much, MUCH more.
The rogue scholars, artists, writers, museologists, morticians and scientists whose works will fill this volume will include (in no particular order):

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