Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Goldbar": New "Ossuary Chic" Bar in New York City: Guest Post by Frank Tagariello

I have patronized many a theme bar in my day, but this is the first ossuary theme bar that has come to my attention! And right here in New York City, no less!

Here is a full report, by my friend and workmate Frank Tagariello:
Last night was the relaunch of an elegantly macabre new lounge, Goldbar, located off the beaten path on East Broome Street in New York City. Sipping morbidly delicious cocktails under the watchful eyeless skulls attached in mass to the walls, I felt like I was in a 21st century catacomb or subterranean passageway for religious practice….
 Amen, and cheers to the Goldbar!
You can find out more about Goldbar by clicking here. All images from Yelp with the exception of the bottom image, which was sourced here. Click on images to see larger, more detailed versions.

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IronmanAndrew said...

FASCINATING! This place looks awesome. Are the skull replicas or authentic? Wow great concept. I would imagine this would be the place to be for Halloween.