Friday, July 26, 2013

The Enigma of the Margate Shell Grotto, Kent, England

Was it the Romans... the Knights Templars... a persecuted religious group?
There are many more questions than answers and perhaps that is how it was always meant to be. The Grotto's chameleon uniqueness allows it to be a place of worship, an unlikely folly, a secret meeting place, Cretan, Phoenician, a Georgian extravagance, or even 19th-century folk art, is part of its very essence. For many its mystery, magic and charm lies intrinsically in its very existence, but for those who favor one theory over another it is a conversation piece, which has sparked vigorous debate for the best part of two centuries. And may well continue to do so for two more!
Who can say? You can find out more on the Margate shell grotto website, from whence the above quote was drawn, by clicking here.

All photos are my own; the bottom photo's caption reads "a seance photographed in the Altar Room in 1939."  You can see many more photos here.

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