Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Pitt Rivers of Oxford: The Best Museum in The World?

I just had the delight to revisit the astounding, fabulous, unrivaled Pitt Rivers Museum with Eleanor Crook a few days ago. What can one say? This might very well be the best museum in the world, at least in terms of installation. It also presents an alluring vision of what The Wellcome Collection--with its equally broad and astounding collection of once one million (!!!) and now a still very respectable 100,000 objects--might have been in an alternative universe.

All images are my own; click to see larger images and you can see more by clicking here. Bottom two images are not of the Pitt Rivers by the now-closed Oxford Museum of Natural History that one must walk through to reach the Pitt Rivers. You can find out more about the Pitt Rivers Museum by clicking here.


HamletII said...

Brilliant, brilliant photos...they really whet my appetite for the museum, one day I shall go there and swallow it whole.

Do you use an analogue camera? If so, which one? I love the colouring of the photos.

JE said...

Thanks so much, but no. its a new digital camera but shot in raw and with care taken over the processing! The Lumix GF1! : )