Friday, September 13, 2013

Dance Macabre, John of Kastav, Church of the Holy Trinity, Hrastovlje, 1490

This guest post just in by Bilal Khan, who took the photo above in the course of his recent travel across Eastern Europe; he explains:
The image is a fragment of the "Dance Macabre" painted by John of Kastav (Latin: Johannes de Castua; Croatian: Ivan iz Kastva; Slovene: Janez iz Kastva) which takes up 23 feet of the southern wall of the nave of the 15th century Church of the Holy Trinity (parish of Predloka) in the town of Hrastovlje (in Italian, Cristoglie) near Koper (Littoral region of Slovenia). These interior frescoes were completed by Kastav in 1490, and discovered under layers of white plaster by Jože Pohlen in 1949. The scene depicts people of all walks of life, ranging from kings to popes to beggars to babies -- each being led by skeletons towards Death itself.
You can find out more here. Thanks, Bilal, for sending this in!

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