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Congress for Curious People in Barcelona, Spain for Carnival Week! February 26 - March 2, 2014!

This year, Morbid Anatomy is delighted to be co-presenting--along with Aaron Beebe, Via Barcelona and Kriminal Kabarett--a special Barcelona, Spain-based Congress for Curious People! Scheduled to coincide with Carnival (February 26 - March 2), this week-long cultural festival is dedicated to the history of Carnival and to enlightenment-era Barcelona in general. It will highlight the unusual and hidden sides of Barcelona via special walking tours, conferences, dinners, decadent costume parties, and more.

A list of events follow; for full details on all, click here. All events will be in Spanish with English translation. Hope very much to see you there!

Also: if any of you out there have must-see suggestions for Madrid or Barcelona, I would love to hear them! Just shoot me an email at morbidanatomy [at]

Barcelona, Spain Congress for Curious People
Dates: February 26 - March 2
Admission: Varies; see website for more info

Tickets can be purchased by emailing or calling 34677360980
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** All programs in Spanish with English Translation

This year, the Congress for Curious People will travel to Barcelona to help celebrate Carnival Week with a week-long cultural festival highlighting the unusual side of Barcelona. For a single, action-packed week, we will satisfy your curiosity through special activities, cultural itineraries, conferences and exclusive dinners and parties. The Congress is dedicated to the history of Carnival and to the city of Barcelona in its age of Enlightenment after 1714, and will take the form of special visits and walking tours, decadent parties, and talks on the history of medicine and science between the XV and XVIII centuries. 


Wednesday, February 26
Medicine and Science in Old Barcelona
A guided tour of The “Royal College of Surgeons,” which will open the doors of the sumptuous anatomical amphitheater, one of the best preserved in the world with lectures and discussions about natural history and sciences, medicine and Barcelona curiosities. More here. 

Thursday, February 27
Bunkers and Mansions: Secrets of Tibidado Avenue Walking Tour
An unusual tour through the splendour and the decadence of the bourgeois Barcelona in the former village of “Sant Gervasi.” The itinerary will follow the path of aristocratic and orientalist residences with enigmatic stories, featuring the luxurious mansions in the “Golden Twenties” to the lights and shadows of the Second Spanish Republic and the Civil War as well as a visit to the palace which hosted the Soviet embassy in 1936 and its impressive bunker, shelter for one of the most famous spies in the XX century. More here.

Friday, February 28
The Unusual Side of Gracia Walking Tour
A walking tour of "Gràcia”, an independent village until 1897, is well known today for being one of the biggest cultural centers in Barcelona, with dynamic societies and one of the most emblematic festivals in our country. Here, you to discover its history and above all, the most surprising curiosities in the district. Topics will include the legends in “plaça de la Virreina” and the “Devil’s House”, the clocks of Gracia, revolutions and freemasonry and the circle of spiritist women in the late XIX century. The tour will include a visit inside the private garden of fabulous fairy tale palace: “Casa Vicens”, designed by Gaudí. More here. 

Friday, February 28
Noir Masquerade
Tonight will celebrate our "Noir Masquerade" inside theAtelier de la Muerte Negra-- a private death museum in the heart of "Gràcia". This is the masterpiece of Otilio Salazar, a fashion designer and artist who paid a tribute to the anthropology of death in ancient cultures (Egypt, Rome, medieval Europe, Japan...) More here. 

Saturday, March 1
The Masonic Barcelona and the Athenaeum Minerva Walking Tour
This is a walking tour about the history of freemasonry and its privileged relationship with Barcelona. It will include stops at "Parc de la Ciutadella," not far from the “Arús Public Library,”a former lodge and a sanctuary for XIX century knowledge. We will continue with a fascinating tour exploring masonic urbanism and the “Congress of Spiritism” during the Universal Exhibition in 1888, the hermetic gates in the monastery of Saint Agustine, the Napoleonic invasion and freemasonry, XVIII century esoterism and the visit of count Cagliostro, and the secrets of the Templar Knights in the medieval royal palace. Specially for us, the members of the “Simbolic Lodge of Spain” will open their lodge, the "Athenaeum Minerva", in the heart of the medieval city. An exceptional oportunity to discover an institution which has been an enormous influence for arts, science, architecture and philosophy. More here.

Saturday, March 1
Surrealist Dinner
Kriminal Kabarett presents its first SURREALIST DINNER , an evening of Carnival in the mythical "Taxidermist" in Plaza Real, now occupied by the Mariscco restaurant. This is dedicated to the taxidermist as one of the favorite places of Salvador Dali in Barcelona, and whose fascination for good food eventually led him to publish in 1973 a book of culinary arts, "Les diners de Gala". This dinner will  join two passions of this Genius: gastronomy and the animal kingdom, to recall the surrealist dinners for which he was famous during his stays in Paris and New York. The menu will be inspired by Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine: opening tapas and then seafood. Water, wine and dessert are included. Gin provided by Hendricks. More here. 

Sunday, March 2
Libertine Barcelona- Erotic Tour from the XVIII Century
This is a walking tour of Rococo Barcelona, a city in the Age of Enlightement after the dramatic episodes of 1714. The count of Peralada and Diana, his courtesan, will guide you through the erotic adventures of Giacomo Casanova when he visited our city in 1768, the masked balls organized by the governor, the mysteries of Count Cagliostro, the erudite circle in “Palau Dalmases” and the libertine general Lecchi under Napoleonic rule. A theatralised and sexy tour for Carnival, performed by the artist Lady Bon Bon and sponsored by Isabel Capdevila from “aDa Art Gallery”, who created precious costumes. The tour will finish in the "Palace Gomis", a XVIII century building near Picasso Museum. Inside its spectacular ballroom, we will celebrate a conference about sex and pornography in the XIX century Spain (by Albert Domenech, writer in the bibliophile blog "Piscolabis Librorum"). More here.

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