Monday, April 14, 2014

The Morbid Anatomy Museum Update, or, "Wow! This is Really Happening!"

Morbid Anatomy is currently fundraising to support our transformation from a tiny, overstuffed Library to a new 3-floor, 4,200 square foot Morbid Anatomy Museum. The new Museum will have a giftshop featuring waxworks, taxidermy, and obscure books; a café (which will eventually serve cocktails!); a greatly expanded permanent collection; and temporary exhibitions devoted to topics such as The Art of Death, Frederik Ruysch, and, of course, 19th century anthropomorphic taxidermist Walter Potter.  It will also have a larger, dedicated event space with, thanks to a recent grant from Awesome Without Borders, live-streamed lectures for the enjoyment of our non-New York followers!

Things have been progressing very quickly the new space! Walls are being built, windows installed, the exterior is beginning to move towards its final look, and our new Morbid Anatomy library door--see above!--has arrived, and is ready for stenciling!

We have been raising money for this project primarily via Kickstarter; we have just passed the 50% mark for our $60,000 goal, but we still need your help! You support the Kickstarter by clicking here:

To sweeten the deal, we have just added a new award: a hand-written poem and drawing "about a method of death of your choice" by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. Other awards include limited edition prints by artists Mark Ryden and Mark Dion; shooting antique guns with Mike Zohn of TV's "Oddities;" a collectable set piece from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas; special Morbid Anatomy merch; and much, much more!

You can also support by attending our Morbid Anatomy Museum Kickstarter fundraising party this Friday, April 18. Your admission will not only be an excellent act of charity; it will also act as a Kickstarter contribution, getting you a Morbid Anatomy Tote Bag as well as a credit for two free tickets to the future Morbid Anatomy Museum. More on that here.

Thanks so much for your support! It means the world to us, and is invaluable in helping us make this bizarre and beautiful dream into a fully-realized reality. Whether you can help support this project or not, hope very much to see you in the new space!

Images, top to bottom:
  1. Rendering of the Morbid Anatomy Museum by Architects Robert Kirkbride and Anthony Cohn
  2. Morbid Anatomy Museum exterior
  3. Grants and exhibitions coordinator Aaron Beebe with the new Morbid Anatomy Library door

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