Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Past Life: The Artwork of Candice Angelini; A New Film by Morbid Anatomy Museum Filmmaker in Residence Ronni Thomas

Our good friend--and former filmmaker in residence at The Morbid Anatomy Museum--Ronni Thomas just launched his newest film, about the artwork of Candice Angelini. You can see the film above; you can also see it--along with many of Ronni's other excellent films--at The Midnight Archive.

Here is what Ronni has to say about the film; hope you enjoy!
When I was introduced to artist Candice Angelini it was like a flash of lightning. Her masks, dolls and head dress work were the type of uncanny, one of a kind creations I am in constant search of.  And then I heard her story. I knew I needed to fly to southern France to capture her unique and mysterious process. Here in my latest film, this former asylum nurse details how her artwork is a sort of cleansing of her previous lives. I hope you find her work and her personality as charming as I do. Her work and all my films are freely available at

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