Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Wellcome Library Blog

It just came to my attention that the Wellcome Library has launched a blog! Here you will find interesting posts on topical matters relating to Wellcome concerns, descriptions of upcoming events and new publications, job opportunities, and links to wonderful Wellcome features such as the Wellcome Images database, from which the above image is drawn. I am looking forward to seeing how this blog develops in future months; judging from past work from the organization, its sure to be interesting.

You can visit the blog here. For recent Morbid Anatomy posts about the Wellcome, click here.

Image Credit: In a room filled with skulls of the famous, the phrenologist Gall examines Pitt the Younger and Gustavus IV, the King of Sweden, both currently plagued by Napoléon. Coloured etching, 1806. Wellcome Library, London

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