Sunday, March 22, 2009

Anatomical Models Featured On The Discovery Channel's "How It's Made" Series

Really quite interesting! This segment of the Discovery Channel's "How It's Made" series is about contemporary, resin-based anatomical models, but touches briefly on wax anatomical models and the history of the form. You might be surprised to see how little has changed in model manufacture from the times of Auzoux to today, ie. how much is still done by hand; I suppose this explains the fact that they are never cheap to come by! You can view the episode segment by clicking here.

Found via a very interesting post about anatomical model production on Illustration Revealed blog; click here to visit that post.


Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

Beautiful and quite pricey. I want to get one for my son who is enamored with my copy of Gray's anatomy. Maybe we'll paper mache one!

Anonymous said...

Hey that is a good find, thanks for the video.

Anonymous said...

A man who lost it and killed his family had something to do with one of these models. They discuss him in the book Lustmord and show his psychiatric prison clay sculptures.