Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Human Monstrosities" Set on Kintzertorium Flickr Set

I just stumbled upon a really fantastic Flickr set, from which the above images are drawn; click here to view the entire collection and find out more about these images. Via the Kagami Blog.


Mike said...

I find the picture with the pig-like creature particularly interesting. Here's a translation of the text:

"Truthful depiction of the monstrosity that was foaled by a pig at Graz in Styria -that is in Austria-)

The monstrosity has one big eye in the middle of its head, a trunk like an elephant, a tongue of unusual big size, is armed with elephant-like sharp teeth, The hooves are claw-like rounded as you can see in the picture.

To find at Graz (bey Christ-?-): Dietell Landscape Copperplate Engraver

Mike, Austria

Carrie said...

Thanks for the translation, Mike.

I love how many of the "monsters" are depicted in frolicsome poses. Their faces are quite serene; you'd think serenity would be difficult with a malformed twin hanging off your front. A case of bestowing dignity, or just making something weird even more fantastical?