Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Morbid Anatomy Library on You Tube

As mentioned in a previous post, a short segment about the Morbid Anatomy Library was included as part of a "Weird New York" episode of WPIX's "Toni On! New York." I just found out (thanks, Curio Society!) that the entire episode has been posted to You Tube. You can watch the segment featuring the library above; you can watch the entire episode divided over four segements by clicking here.


Thomas said...


Ann said...

The Observatory and the Morbid Anatomy Library are great places! I wish they were in Europe... Thanks for being such a good friend Joana!

Tom La Farge said...

Sort of missed the intellectual content of what you're doing, didn't they?

Stephanie said...

I'm going to be in NYC on the 16th. Where would you recommend I go to see some awesome things similar to the ones on this blog? It looks like the observatory will be between shows?


Joanna said...

Hi Stephanie

I would recommend you visit Obscura Antiques and Oddities:

And, of course, The Morbid Anatomy LIbrary!

Have a great trip!