Thursday, November 7, 2013

Announcing the Morbid Anatomy Museum!

I am incredibly excited to announce the newest addition to the greater Morbid Anatomy Project: The Morbid Anatomy Museum!

This new Brooklyn, New York-based space will be an expansion (both physically and conceptually) of The Morbid Anatomy Library, which has been making artifacts, curiosities and books available to the public--as well as hosting classes, lectures, spectacles and field trips--since 2008. The Morbid Anatomy Museum will be a full fledged non-profit museum, complete with an exhibition space showcasing private collections and "things which fall between the cracks;" a research library; a webstore and physical gift shop making available the works of like-minded artists and makers around the world; a larger space for classrooms and lectures; and a bar/café.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks and months, but for the time being you may notice some small changes—such as the Morbid Anatomy and Morbid Anatomy Library Facebook pages becoming consolidated into a single Morbid Anatomy Museum page; we should also have the webstore up and running very soon. We are very excited to share this new development with you all, and look forward to sharing a great deal more with you in the coming months. If you'd like to get on the new Morbid Anatomy mailing list and thus be apprised of new developments as they are announced, click here.

Also, if you are interested in letting us know about your own amazing collections, would like to sell your wares in our gift shop, or have ideas for future lectures or classes, you can, as always, email us at morbidanatomylibrary [at]

Image above: “Homo ex Humo” (‘Man from the Dust’), from a first edition copy of Physica Sacra, Johannes Jacob Scheuchzer, 1731, from The Morbid Anatomy Museum Collection.


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Joanna and Colin! And here's to lecturing in a space larger---and more temperate---than a sitz bath! - M. Dery

Unknown said...

How exciting! What a phenomenal collection to work in! I bet Librarians and Curators from all over the area are salivating! I would be.