Monday, November 18, 2013

Just in Time for the Holidays: Announcing the New Morbid Anatomy Museum Online Gift Shop!

Greetings, folks. Are you short of holiday gift ideas this year? Unsure where to get, say, Krampus-themed holiday cards? Or perhaps you are on the hunt for some large-scale, ready-to-frame color plates from a 19th century book on venereal and skin diseases, or tea cups based on microscopic images of the testicle, or memento mori rings, or funeral home anti-fainting kits, or photographs of Vodou ceremonies? Or maybe you might fancy some taxidermy, chocolate crow skulls, Masonic aprons, or Day of the Dead imports from our recent field trip to Mexico? Or perhaps--just perhaps!-- you require a handsome Morbid Anatomy tote bag or t shirt emblazoned with a distinctive fetal skeleton drawn from an 18th century book by Dutch "artist of death" Frederik Ruysch? 

If so, you are in luck, and here is why. It is because we have just launched The Morbid Anatomy Museum Gift Shop. And you can find all of these things--and many, many more!--on this gift shop by clicking here

And. Please note. This is only a first draft; we will be adding artists and objects weekly; click here to join our mailing list and be informed of updates. If you are interested in having your wares considered for sale on the site, please email info [at]

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