Saturday, November 29, 2014

Death, Science, Sexology: Interview by Mark Dery of Morbid Anatomy Museum Creative Director Joanna Ebenstein on Boing Boing

Morbid Anatomy Museum Provocateur in Residence Mark Dery recently interviewed our creative director Joanna Ebenstein about the importance of books in her life and in the greater Morbid Anatomy project. The result--a wide-ranging conversation touching on soulless California suburbs, Charlotte's Web, British New Wave, Lois Duncan, Rosemary's Baby, V. C. Andrews, post-mortem photography, The Mütter Museum, Frederik Ruysch, Walter Potter, Edward Gorey, wine coolers in the park and "Genleman's Erotica"--was just published on the wonderful Boing Boing website and can be read by clicking here.

Image: The wonderful book Design for Death by Barbara Jones

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