Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Krampusnacht From Your Friends at Morbid Anatomy!

Merry Christmas from Morbid Anatomy with St. Nicholas and Krampus, his Eastern European, birch-switch-beating, lolling-tongued, cloven-hoofed, child-punishing side kick. In places such as Germany and Hungary, Krampus continues to be a beloved part—and to our mind, the highlight of!—the Christmas season, joining St. Nicholas for all his public appearances,
even at local Burger Kings.
Each year, we at Morbid Anatomy honor Krampus in the form of gifts, apparel and parties. To see photos from last Saturday's annual Morbid Anatomy Krampus costume party, click here and here. To purchase special Morbid Anatomy Krampus gifts, click here.

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